Build your credit with rent payments.

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With CreditPop, you can report your rent payments to the major credit bureaus for just $6.95 per month. Your subscription also includes access to your credit score and key credit insights.

Report my rent

The key to building credit without adding debt.

Finally, you can build your credit history without having to take on more debt. Your rent will show up on your credit report as a rental agreement, so it doesn’t impact your debt-to-income ratio.

Build credit with your rent payments no matter where you’re starting from.

“CreditPop is what got me the mortgage that I needed to buy a home. Actually, as of earlier today, they let me know! My score went up 21 points yesterday and I'm good to go.”
Robbie Robbie

Report the right way

You never know which bureau your lender will use to check your credit. That’s why CreditPop reports data to major credit bureaus.

Report my rent
Credit file
“Thanks to you guys, I'm back up over 600... this is an invaluable service. There's no other way to get credit for the largest payment that you make every month!”
Kyle Kyle

A score that opens doors

Show off your score with pride when it’s time to apply. On average, we’ve seen credit scores starting at 579 or less increase 28 points after 2 months – and 70 points after 2 years.

Report my rent
Open doors
“College debt had me feeling trapped. With CreditPop I’m building awesome credit and was finally able to upgrade my old car. Win-win.”
Eleanor Eleanor

How it works


Connect through your bank

Sign in to your bank using our secure, private connection. We support thousands of banks and financial institutions.


Find your last rent payment

Tell CreditPop what to look for to find your rent transactions. Every month afterwards, it’ll happen automatically.


Report it to major credit bureaus

Watch it show up on your credit report, so you can finally enjoy the benefits of all your responsible payments.

Get credit for the rent you're already paying.

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