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How does this help my credit?

When your rent is reported to major credit bureaus, it shows up on your credit report as a new tradeline with positive information. A tradeline is simply another name for an open account on your credit report. Having that additional tradeline on your report can affect your credit score since more positive data can be used to calculate your score. The impact is largest for those with no credit or a low score, especially if it’s due to a thin credit record (ie, if the bureaus don’t have enough data on file for you).

Will it hurt my credit if CreditPop doesn't find a payment by the due date?

Nope! CreditPop reports only verified data to the credit bureaus. If there is a month where a rent payment is not found, CreditPop will not report any data to the bureaus that month. This will not negatively affect your score. If your payment was not automatically verified, you'll need to log in to your CreditPop account and confirm which payment to report. Please reach out to us if you cannot find the payment, and we'd be happy to help.

What if I pay a different amount each month?

No problem. You might pay a slightly different amount each month if your utilities are not included in your rent, or if you have to pay an additional fee to your landlord. Although your base rent is what we report as paid to the bureaus each month, you can still match a transaction for slightly more or less. Keep in mind that if your rent amount is very different from the initial transaction you match, you may have to log in and re-match your next transaction.

We are committed to reporting accurate information only. If we detect fraudulent reporting, your tradeline will be removed.

Can my spouse/roommate/family member build credit too?

Yes! They will need their own, separate CreditPop account and subscription. They will also need to be able to log in to the bank account where the rent transaction is paid. If you both make a payment from the same bank account, they must be a cosigner on the account. If you each pay a portion of the rent from different accounts, it’s even easier. They just log in using their own bank account and match their portion of the payment.

Can I report utility and other payments?

When we find payments from known electric, gas, water, and wireless cell phone companies, we can report those too! Currently, we report these payments to Equifax.

Can I report payments I made more than a month ago?

Right now, we are offering a limited audience the ability to report previous rent payments on the same lease prior to your CreditPop subscription for extra credit-building power. This will be available to our entire subscriber base by October 2019. Notify me when available.

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