Build your credit with rent payments.

Add rent to your credit report at major credit bureaus each month.

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Building credit for all

Other credit-building options only work if you already have credit, put down a big chunk of savings, or take on more debt. Not cool.

CreditPop gets you the credit you deserve, no matter where you're starting from.

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Break the debt

“I had no idea that I could report my rent to my credit bureaus and get my credit score up. It's been a fast and easy process. I'm in love with the platform. I'll be a customer for life, probably.”

Debt cycle


Get the Credit you Deserve®

Feeling overwhelmed by out-of-control medical debt, confusing student loan terms, or unfair lending practices?

CreditPop makes the credit system work in your favor.

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Kyle’s story:

“Thanks to you guys, I'm back up over 600... this is an invaluable service. There's no other way to get credit for the largest payment that you make every month!” - Kyle

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A score that opens doors

Show off your score with pride when it’s time to apply. CreditPop reports to major credit bureaus, so you'll get credit with many lenders.

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“CreditPop is what got me the mortgage that I needed to buy a home. Actually, as of earlier today, they let me know! My score went up 21 points yesterday and I'm good to go.” -

Score that opens doors
On average, we've seen credit scores starting at 579 or less increase 28 points after 2 months — and 70 points after 2 years.
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Everything you need to watch your score soar.

CreditPop is more than just rent reporting — get monthly score updates, credit protection, personalized credit insights, and more!

Build your credit for just $9.95 a month.
Your subscription gets you access to all the credit tools you'll need, including:
Monthly rent reporting to get you credit for every payment
Personalized credit insights for hints on where else you can improve
Monthly credit score updates to see your score impact
Credit protection with alerts to keep you safe from identity theft
We stand by our product

If you’re not satisfied with your subscription for any reason,
we’ll give you a refund.

Support from real people

Sometimes, you just need to talk to a real live person. You can email or chat with our friendly support team any time.

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What is rent reporting, and how can it help my credit?

Find out why rent reporting is a great way to build your credit by doing what you'd do anyways - without taking on debt or parting with your savings.

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Credit education
Why is it important to report to the major credit bureaus?
Not all rent reporting services share your payment data with the major credit bureaus. Find out why reporting to the major credit bureaus is important if you're planning to apply for new credit.
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Credit 101
What do I need to know about credit?
Everyone has to start somewhere, so here’s what you need to know about credit.
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What affects my credit score?
Your credit score is based on several factors that help banks determine your creditworthiness before approving you for a loan or credit card. Here are the aspects of your financial life and habits that affect your credit score.
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